Monday, September 27, 2010

CAT5 cable company's innovative new products distributor --- MinicomAdvancedSystems

Minicom CAT5 line introduced innovations based distributor, to promote digital signage infrastructure to connect into a critical stage, can provide real-time multi-media information display points, and will not let the video quality is not compromised or display size changes and limit the scope of the restrictions. On the basis of CAT5 Line Splitter, the expander and main dispatcher is designed to be highly reliable and cost-effective for both the installation and maintenance.

For businesses, retailers, carriers, educational institutions, catering establishments, financial systems, medical institutions, religious and conferencing applications it is desirable that Minicom's audio / video and digital information products simplify the process and provide the final display the cheapest one kilometer of the connection, the most effective solution.

Minicom's DS Vision? 3000 by CAT5/6/7 cable can be transmitted from a single player, high definition video and stereo audio to the far 600m/2000ft plasma / LCD multi-display. This type most comprehensive distributor, DS Vision can be integrated with the industry's only full-duplex control and management procedures based on the graphical interface control the maximum available bandwidth.

Minicom Advanced Systems in the market, only one can understand the real needs of your company. The company's aim of taking into account customer needs and budgetary constraints, many of our products to meet your network and your budget needs. Even so, you can guarantee that you will get the best products on the market. Three years by signing an unprecedented policy, we can let you informed about our products with satisfaction.

DS Vision 3000

Player to display the ultimate divider. Minicom's DS Vision 3000 CAT0078 line of multimedia-based digital signage network distributor. Which equipment can be high-definition video player and stereo to multi-point transmission display.

Video Display System (VDS)

Minicom's Video Display System (VDS) is a one to many, one-to-multipoint of the high-resolution video content from any player or computer class real-time transmission to a variety of display devices.

Audio Video Display System (AVDS)

Minicom audio / video displays (AVDS) is one to many, one-to-multipoint of the high-resolution video and audio content from any player or computer class real-time transmission to a variety of display devices.

AV & UTP Video Splitters

For more small-scale digital signage networks, low-cost high-quality AV and UTP video distribution device is cost effective distribution strategy. Minicom's UTP VGA Video Splitter to transfer small digital display devices. AV distributor to send a small video and audio information to the remote display device.

DS OpticVision

DS OpticVision is the long-distance light expander, in the player and plasma / LCD screens between the high-resolution video images and stereo transmission, the most up to 30 km distance. It is Plug and Play devices, either as a standalone extender, can also be used as an independent distributor, or with the Minicom line distributor based CATx use.

AV Extender

Minicom's AV Extender is a class through the CAT5 line from the media server to deliver high-quality audio and high-resolution video extension system, the transmission distance up to 110m/360ft.

VGA Data Transmitter (VDT)

A point real-time video and RS-32 Extender, Minicom of VDT use shielded FTP CAT5 type cable to the RS-232 Tx / Rx signals from any type of two-way player / computer transmission to any electronic display device.

RS232 Extender

Minicom's RS232 Extender is a single feature video and two-way RS-232 Extender. Class lines based on bi-directional RS232 CAT5 serial communication to transmit and control the remote video software.

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